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Matthew Cobb

Matthew’s career spans 3 years with one of the big 8 accounting firms before he decided to set up his own business. In the beginning he had two clients so it was a humble start but gradually he built up his business client by client and by giving good individual service and doing all the work himself without passing it down to junior staff, the clients kept coming back each time.

In 2005 Matthew was dreaming of a beautiful lifestyle along with the business and made the big move to Queensland where he is practising now. Amazingly 95% of his Melbourne clients followed him and he still added some new Queensland clients.

Matthew provides high level accounting and taxation services and specialist services to start ups and entrepreneurs. Matthew has a passion for small and medium sized business – he runs one himself.

He gained his bachelor of Business at the Swinburne University in Melbourne and is a registered tax agent. Matt lives in inner city Brisbane after moving from Mooloolaba which he misses on occasions. His passions are traveling, especially Brazil and he speaks a little bit of Portuguese. Matt is friendly, easy to get along with and an optimist.


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